Lucky Owl Club is an adorable casino with a vivacious owl mascot. This cartoonish figure can guide you through every aspect of this site, such as its bonuses and promotions. However, in this article, we're going to discuss the meat of a good online gambling platform, and that is the actual games. Lucky Owl is all about the slots, and I love that! They have a wide variety of games, like slots with progressive jackpots attached to them, and slots that are more simplistic and classic. There are two categories of slots you can browse through on the homepage of the instant play version of Lucky Owl Club, and those are Most Popular Slots and Highest Jackpot slots.

Most Popular Slots

This category will obviously be forever shifting, but sometimes fan favorites will always be fan favorites, so I wouldn't be shocked if many of these games continued to reign supreme in the long run. Right now the game Honey Hive XL is hot. This is a fun slot featuring a cartoon beehive. If you're looking for something a little more delicate and feminine, Disney fans and fantasy lovers will flock to Majestic Mermaid. Regular slot players will probably know that mermaids are actually a pretty popular slot theme, and with the Lisa Frank inspired art, it's no wonder this game is capturing the hearts of many Lucky Owl Club players. If you're a fan of holiday themed slots, I'd recommend Misfit Toyland. It seems heavily inspired by Christmas classic movies that are so beloved by many all around the world, and is a seasonal treat. The animation itself looks almost exactly like a television special of the past. Mythic Wolf is a popular game on this platform as well, but Mythic Wolf is a very well known slot in general focusing around the magical beauty of a wolf in its natural habitat. Sports fans will also love the Global Cup Soccer slot. The name kind of speaks for itself in this case. This is just a sample of what is popular at the moment.

Highest Jackpot

Many players who love slots are playing it for one reason, and that's to win jackpots. Sure, the small sums are nice as well, and it's definitely a fruitful experience to walk away with a nice sum of cash. However, a jackpot can offer a much more lucrative prize, thus players often flock to jackpot slots. Lucky Owl is smart enough to categorize their games based on jackpots, too. Some of their big jackpot games include Diamond Rhino Jackpot, which celebrates the natural beauty of a Rhino combined with the winnings of a generous jackpot. They have the jackpot game Strike Gold and they have the famous Mega Moolah game, which is known throughout the slot community for their huge jackpots.

Other Games

Along with the jackpots and the popular games, there are tons of imaginative games to choose from. The game Demons Delight stood out to me for a plethora of reasons, the retro artwork that reminded me of classic black and white cartoons along with the general style of the game. They have a game called Incan Rich that reminds me a bit of the Disney Movie Emperors New Groove, which was a unique approach to the typical ancient civilization slot that is evident throughout the online gambling world. Other games include Plucky Lucky, Hail Caesar and Cobra King. All of their games are available to play for free, via demo mode. They're also accessible from a variety of different devices, from smartphones to tablet type devices. Many of their games feature generous bonus rounds, and unique special features. I noticed their game collection wasn't just a rehash of the most popular slots, which I thought was a positive.